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First of all, who we are:

R.M.G Capital is part of the Global Financial Consortium Group, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. An independent, private firm, providing services to both local and international companies and investors as one, the company specialized in design and underwriting structured solutions that combine a financial strategy utilizes global products and instruments, especially to obtaining complex financing.

The Company has diversified investment channels tailored to international investment laws, private funding programs, private and structured placements programs.

As projects and transactions become more diverse and complex, the greater the need to understand financing needs and the range of solutions available in the international market. Today, every type of project has different characteristics and financing needs. Therefore, establish a financial strategy that combines different “instruments” requires reality.

Private structured placements based on bank bonds, Promissory notes debt, utilizing instruments and financial assets such as gold, blocked funds and more.

At R.M.G Capital, we enable clients to increase their funding options and equity leverage through understanding client’s needs, build the right stretcher for raising credit facilities for a complex mix project until reaching the desired goal.

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