In the past few years, the Israeli financial market passes a revolution. As in other areas, like the speed internet and light rail, Israel is behind and substantial delay after the Western world’s largest part of second world countries. There is an entire generation of academic gaps in practical when it comes to modern finance and investment management whit wealth management methods, which is in constant renewal. Knowledge of financial instruments that are available around the world has long been missing in Israel only recently method begins to permeate slowly in the local financial pipelines.

Today, an Israeli entrepreneur who operates overseas who wishes to obtain credit facility for projects whit the finance technology which provides excellent conditions, must get on the plane and begin long and arduous process journey, for the most part, failed pursuit of appropriate service due to a variety of reasons such as language, regulations, different laws, compliance and more.

As we all know the planing a structure of a global strategy for financial services requires advanced knowledge and experience. To recognize the main players which are in the world’s financial centers (New York, London, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore, etc) it takes many years. After each introduction interface points have to pass all the way from forms and legal documents A-Z, and here begins the problem.

To the worlds of advanced financial strategy mechanics there is only one door and it is the same in all financial centers who manage the global finances. The door is open only for organizations that have passed the required criteria in the past and was created history together; currently when the new entity arrives to get in a door is faced with two options. Operate alone to pass the journey during which to try to succeed or contact one of the entities which have passed through the door and actually get an escort from those who had already entered the crowded club.

Meeting with a decision-maker for the different fund (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Financial Institutional, etc) and beyond the Conference of risk management, compliance, credit facilities and investments on her hand requires advance coordination of weeks, sometimes more than that, and preparing documentation accurately favor of compliance, a preliminary examination, Due diligence.

In most cases cannot prepare the paperwork because the maturity of the transaction is not always synced with waiting times and service performance due to the lack of an attempt to create a full package, complete paperwork in the field.

Therefore to request, the financial services from R.M.G Capital Consortium Group UNDERWRITING & ANALYSIS must provide a full package which includes:

Letter of Intent/Request/Application from, Corporate Board Resolution, authorized signatories, KYC complete, Anti-money laundering (AML), History of the funds, certificates of, Portfolio, An Executive summary of the project, and more.

When full package including all approvals, assuming that the review will pass perfectly and get the green light, we will release a structured funding proposal/term sheet, once the enterpriser confirms and signs on the term sheet, the credit facility based on the leverage and utilize financial instruments, the project funding will be ready to use between 45 to 60 banking days.