American and European investors are voting on Private Funds Investments like Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture capital (VC) fund, and today more than ever in Debt Companies. They know why.

About two and a half-Trillion US Dollars. This is the estimated volume of American investments in 9,500  Private Funds in the US alone. About three Trillion euros, this is the estimated volume of European investment in about 12,000 Private Funds managed in Europe, mostly in London and Switzerland. The vast majority are wealthy investors. More than five Trillion Euros/USD of “smart” money can not go wrong over time.

Private Funds are an exceptional way to invest in the short and long term. because the Private Funds can invest in a variety of sophisticated financial instruments ranging from trading on Stocks and Bonds, etc., Commodities trading, Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, and more. These Instruments require great expertise and are not accessible to the general public. This is how Private Funds can benefit from both worlds: high yield/outcome profits that lie alongside risk hedging.

In the past, investments in those Private Funds were only open to the wealthy and very rich people. However today, despite its more understandable complexity to professional or institutional investors, the legal structure sometimes defined as a limited partnership(LP), anyone can invest in a Private Funds, with a big chance to get high yield/outcome profits than the Classics funds.

We occasionally hear doubts about the world of hedging. Investors are still reluctant to Private Funds. Claiming that Private Funds are a risky and speculative investment, and wrongly so. It’s like saying about all mutual funds that they are risky. It would be unfair to go into generalizations and define all Private Funds as risky. As always, it is the management action that defines the risk and prospect of the fund and the expertise required of it.

Strategic action our Private Funds operate under them is the importance of risk management. Therefore, first, the Foundation acquires hedges via global securities and debt instruments to secure and protect the Investor funds, our Foundation is not dependent on the market direction whether it is falling or rising, and we are not affected by it. Moreover, our intention is to generate profits in any situation.

Today anyone can invest in our Private Funds and maximize profits, the initial amount required to enter into an investment is only 500 Thousand USD.

Who are the funds manages, who is the trustee/escrow agent, what is the fund’s security and financial protections, Portfolio reports, what are the hedging rules, finally what investment strategy does the Foundation use to generate profits.

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