Global Funding Programs activities are divided into three main areas: Import/Export Commodities Funding, Securities Funding, Business/Project Funding.




R.M.G Capital Investments Group for more than a decade provides a range of services and advanced financial strategies and specializes in raising capital and credit for large projects. In this context, we offer a wide range of financial services for projects, companies and investors

Utilizing a wide range of tools and financial instruments to earn credit at our disposal, both modern and traditional, it becomes possible to develop sophisticated financial structures as well as to fund large and complex projects on a worldwide basis. We equally can accommodate large and small projects.

The company has extensive experience in the Funding and support global projects in a variety of areas. These projects are reflected in the integration benefits in connection with global markets, investment houses, banks, funds, asset management companies finance and private investors around the world, as a result of this activity, and particularly knowledge and relationships built up, the company has a large number of options to provide a financial solution in the private sector, business and developing international markets and actually serve as a one stop shop when it comes to the subject of complex international finance.

Methods of financing for entrepreneurs through financial institutions and private companies – Private Equity.

The procedure will be funded by some of the project’s profits and interest or similar mechanism depending on the nature of the project and risk management needs of the developer. Calculating the distribution of profits according to the equity deposited of the developer when the minimum is 15% – 25% according to the type and characteristics of the project.

Eventually, each and every project is estimated individually customized Funding structure, designed to meet the various unique criteria to match each project. Working with our funds and private equity partners, we can offer our clients a complete project financing package, customized by the needs and requirements of the project itself and the goals of the board.

The following types of projects:

v  Green energy such as solar installations and various farms, hydro power plants, waste to energy plasma plant, wind farms, bio-gas.
v  Real Estate, Hotels – recreation centers, urban construction, commercial centers, shopping centers.
v  National Infrastructure and BOT combined.
v  Factories and industrial, refineries, minerals.
v  Technology and High-Tech.
v  Global business activities expansion.
v  Mergers and Acquisitions.

Submission and approval process at the request of funding project:

2  Letter of intent.
0  CIS / KYC on Clients and Corporation.
4  Corporate Board Resolution.
1  An Executive summary of the project.
3  Inform us of the total amount of funding needed.
6  All documents required due diligence.

Upon completion of the data processing stage and we agreed to take on the project, the funding proposal will be sent to the customer in accordance with project and risk management, as soon as the customer agrees to the terms and conditions accompanying the project, we will begin the process and act in accordance with the agreements.

Trade Finance – the purpose of trade finance is primarily to assist import/export transactions to bridge the gap in cash flow. On the one hand, there is the production of the goods/commodities and delivery of them, to receipt of the proceeds for the order. On the other hand, there is the purchase of the goods/commodities and receipt of the proceeds following their sale.