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First of all, who we are:

RMG Capital Group (“RMG”) is part of the Global Financial Consortium, based in New York, USA, and Tel Aviv, Israel. A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and Investment Company (Act of 1940), providing Wealth and Investment Management Services to both local and international companies and investors worldwide, including HNWI, Sophisticated Investors, Families, Foundations, and Institutions, since 2015. 

RMG offers a wide range of financial services and products, which include Private Wealth & Assets Management, Private and Public Placements, Hedge Funds, and Debt Funds, specialized in the design and underwriting of structured solutions, which combine diverse methodologies and strategies utilizing global Securities & Instruments from the Secondary market, unique wrap insurance protections, especially accumulated knowledge and relationship and actually provides One-Stop-Shop when it comes to Issuing credit and obtaining complex financing.


A new idea, a new method, or a new Instruments… Spirit of Innovation and Excellence is what propels us into the next era of opportunity.

RMG Capital Group (“RMG”) generates, organizes, and establishes structured strategy Privet and Public Placements to the capital markets and our sophisticated high net worth Investors and Clients.

RMG offers a wide range of solutions for Institutions, Financial Funds, Businesses, Accredited and sophisticated Investors. assistants from small businesses to large projects, corporates, and non-profits, to help them to take control of their financial security.

RMG Structured Placements based on Bonds (public and private) of investment products and services with coupons as fixed income, Portfolio Management, Asset funding, Projects funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mutual Funds, Expanding Activity, Debt Restructuring, and Capital Leverage.


Small Cap Investments

Lifestyle Leverage Fund - Fixed Income

Participate in Investment structured placement of issuance of Bank Asset Securitization in a form of a Zero-Coupon Certificate of Deposit (CD) to protect the principal, and to enjoy secure stable and passive fixed income without any effects of financial markets.

Bond Flip Fund - Portfolio Management

Participate in Investment structured placement of buy/sell of Bonds, the dividends are from the arbitrage of the buy/sell.


Institutions Investments

Lifestyle Fund - Fixed Income

Participate in Investment structured placement of issuance of Bank Asset Securitization in a form of a Zero-Coupon Certificate of Deposit (CD) to protect the principal.

Consortium Syndication Fund - Portfolio Management

Participate in Investment structured placement for Syndication Leverage Debt Ratio for Projects, Securities, and Instruments. 


Issuance & Funding

RMG Capital Underwriting and Analysis team lets you access the worldwide capital and financial markets in an easy and efficient way. Our professional team of specialists, Bankers, Economists, Accountants, Attorneys, Analysts, Traders, Insurance, and financial planners conduct professional, high-quality, and independent financials based on their knowledge and accumulated experience in the field of corporate finance and Complex funding. Our team is an integral part of every transaction and will help you create a financial structure and optimize the financial strategy to fund your project and achieve your goal.

As a result of knowledge and experience, RMG Capital established Global Consortium relationships with Institutions, Hedge Funds, Privet Equity, Family offices, Investment banks, Insurance Companies, HNWI, and Accredited Investors. RMG Capital provides multiple options of financial strategy solutions for Businesses and Projects, actually to be a One-Stop-Shop for Alternative Portfolio Investments, Debt & Securities as complex financing.

Services We Provide

Credit Enhancement Assets

Issuance Asset & Trade Solutions

Licensing Assets | Deferred Purchase

  • Bank Guarantees (BG)
  • A Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  • Certificate of Deposit (CDs)
  • U.S Treasury

Leverage Funds for Projects

Private And Public Placements

Leverage Debt Funding: The service for Business / Projects Funding. *Equity Deposit for Ratio Leverage according to the underwriting and risk management.

Issuance of corporate Bonds: This service is for Business / Projects Funding. *For projects from $/€ 100M structured with wrap insurance, and underwriting the rate of Notes.

Collateralized Loans

  • Stocks, MTN’s
  • BG, SBLC
  • Blocked Funds, Blocked Gold
  • Payments Bond
  • Promissory Note
  • Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Once the full package is submitted, the RMG Capital Compliance (Underwriting and Analysis) to review, and after the feasibility study, given a green lite and decided to continue the process, the client accepts the Term Sheet with the offer of funding, the procedure, and schedules for performance.

We are proud of our clients who made the right choice and see it as proof of our success.

We wish you and our continuation of a prolific activity and yields. Always at your service!

The future will take care of you if you take care of the present!

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RMG Capital Group (“RMG”) is part of the Global Financial Consortium, based in New York, USA, and in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Affiliates, Customers & Investors Relations in Canada, Europe, India & UAE, Eastern European, London.

We have relationships partnerships and associates from the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Europe.

In our Platform Consortium, there are Debt companies, Private Equity (PE) Firms, Banks, Invest Banks, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Venture Capital (VC) Funds, HMWI capital, Major Financial Institutions.

We are happy to provide services, any question or request may be.

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RMG Capital Consortium Group, Global Strategic Financial Solutions Services.