Real case, about a friend who was living in Arizona, USA. A story about a successful businessman who collapsed financially, health, and mental overnight on the eve of the 2008 crisis, and today is Breathing wide and Prospering.

The Financial Crisis – The “Sub-Prime” Real Estate began in July 2007 in the United States and led to a global crisis in 2008. On the eve of the crisis, the friend (then 36 years old) was the proud owner of a building company in Arizona. The company had 200 employees. The main activity was the land acquisition, construction of villas, and renting them to the public. The leverage (total mortgages against the assets) was about LTV 90%, the value of all the assets of the friend on the eve of the crisis was estimated at USD 17 Million. And he reached this achievement within 6 years from the moment the company was founded.

After the crisis and within less than 6 months the value of the properties was down stood at about USD 5 Million, due to the high leverage, the value of the properties against the debt was in a negative state, the mortgage bank foreclosed and sold all its properties, inevitably declaring himself insolvent and went bankrupt.

A year after the friend moved to rent in New York, at the same time he lost his health and contracted diabetes and high blood pressure, after reaching the bottom also emotionally, a childhood friend from the banking and international financial field took him under his wing, sending the friend to study international finance, valuations, bonds and more. Finally gave him a mission to explore the world economy, what makes her tick, how the economy works, how banks keep themselves in the event of a crash, financial risk management, and more.

More importantly, he directed him to unite all the knowledge he had acquired to combine it and structure a financial program that would benefit himself, as well as the world. During his journey, he met investment advisers, family offices, finally realized that there are many possibilities for generating big money outside the capital market and stock exchanges in the world. The discovery began at the same time with a journey into a new life as a marketer of financial products for wealthy people, by bringing high value, exposing opportunities for low-risk investment, and creating very high profits.

In 2012 he closed all his debts to the banks and got himself out of the “insolvency and bankruptcy” cycle.

At the end of 2012, the two friends established an international financial services company in New York, and currently (In 2020) assets under management over USD 5 Billion.

Today about 12 years after the crisis the friend is 48-year-old, and becomes a multi-millionaire who Breathing wide and Prospering and gives value to the world, he and his next generation are financially settled.

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