First, we need to know the Difference between Recourse Debt (Loan) to Non-Recourse Debt:

In general, Recourse debt (loans) are secured by collateral. If the borrower fails to refund their obligation and default on the payment schedule, the funder can go after the borrower’s other assets.

A Non-Recourse debt (loan) does not allow the lender to pursue anything other than the collateral. For example, if a borrower defaults on a Non-Recourse Securities debt, the Funder can only foreclose on the said securities. The Funder generally cannot take further legal action to collect the funds owed on the debt.

A Non-Refundable debt means, funds used to describe as income profits that paid to the client/investor and can’t get back.

For the benefit of our clients/Investors, who are interested utilize owned Securities (Assets and instruments) from the Secondary Markets, and participating in our Private Structured Placement Program (PSPP), the first stage is to active credit facility upon the Securities.

Two methods, 1. Monthly payments. 2. One payment as capitalized future profits.

Most R.M.G Capital funding structures on Securities Obtain/Funding Program based on Non-Recourse Debt: