Is the emotional aspect activated in investments and with an emphasis on Alternative Investments?

Last week in a meeting with an HNWI investor, who has extensive experience in the capital market, who has already made an impressive exit, the conversation came up about the no sleep points while investments, his recommendation to his friends and acquaintances is to adjust their investments up to no sleep point. If the investment causes them not to sleep at night it is not right for them.

The truth is I agree with him, 15 years ago when I was a beginning as Forex trader, an intraday trader, in a short time it hit the concentration in the real business Insurance risk management, lack of sleep while moving I changed strategy, from 5-minute trades to an hour and 4-hour planning, Using the long-term mechanisms, I entered to the last position with a stop-loss at the end of the 4-hour trajectory, in addition, gave an order at each stage that the position grow up also the stop-loss point moves will the profits increase, the experiment succeeded the position survived a month and a half with a gain of about 250% profits. (The sleep deprivation took about 3 months)

Today as one of the co-founders, president, and CEO of R.M.G Capital Group, our initial goals are to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for the investor, we will refuse stressed investors due to fear of financial markets or investment time, our goal is first to create peace of mind and peace to sleep peacefully.

Our vision is to create profits in every situation of the market while creating complete security for investors’ money.

The emotional aspect is of great importance in investment management.

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