Making the first million is not a matter of money.

It’s a matter of what you become on the way there.

20% – its Strategy, Marketing, Branding, JV’s, etc.

80% – it’s the Mindset of being and acting like a Millionaire.

An investor fill an application asking to invest in our BCD program, which he defined as Qualified and Accredited Investor, we provide him a term sheet, he signed and we have supported him with an Escrow Agreement, in that point, he hired an attorney to do DD and advise on the Escrow agent (IOLTA license), on the account at CITI bank NY, on Allianz as reinsurance of the insurance guarantee – surety bond, and on RMG Capital products, for this service the attorney charge the investor 8K USD.

After two weeks, the investor gets advice not to invest and why.

The problem in the report was, the two unanswered questions:

  1. What happens if Allianz will be in Insolvency/Bankruptcy?
  2. What happens if CITI bank will be in Insolvency/Bankruptcy?

According to this report, it is clear that the attorney is not professional and not a good adviser, the Allianz Reinsurance company is AA rated, and found at 3 top reinsurance in the world, CITI bank is a Federal bank and is A+ rated bank with No 8 top bank in the world.

We ask the investor where his funds deposit today which bank?

The investor said in Hapoalim bank, we asked the investor what happens if Hapoalim bank Insolvency/Bankruptcy?, there is no Certificate of Deposit (CD) in Israel so all deposit is not insured, and if that the case why you don’t buy Bank Bonds the ROI is bigger then deposit.

Then we asked, why all invest in a stock exchange, bonds, HF/PE/VC funds, and now the most trendy to invest in SPAC. 

The attorney answered our question, he said in 2008 his client lost 8M USD because thy invested in Lehman Brothers, well all the world received shock and losses, then we ask why you didn’t advise your client to buy CDS – Credit Default Swap contract as to secure the investment?

In the end, the investor understands that he did a mistake hiring that attorney.

The attorney’s job was to do only DD not to be an Investment advising, the Commercial Investment already signed and agreed.  

This investor told this story to all his friends, now all of them become our clients and agreed to invest more than 100M USD. 

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