After we established the RMG’s Corporate in 2014, from the providing and selling of financial services to funds and assets management, What we have learned about Growing and Nascent Business to 8 digits?

As A CEO and President, I decided to pack for your knowledge and information, with a value that is worth a lot:

A list of the Insights we have gained in our journey to 8 digits and the hand is still tilted (we are only in June 2021 we have another 6 months ahead).

Making the first million is not a matter of money. It’s a matter of what you become on the way there.

20% – its Strategy, Marketing, Branding, JV’s, etc.

80% – it’s the Mindset of being and acting like a Millionaire.

Insight #1: Be different in the landscape, it’s 80% of your marketing.

Insight # 2: It’s easier to sell to clients who have money – sounds very simple but every time we fall for it and try to chase after people without money.

Insight # 3: There are more clients with less money, than those with a lot of it – and because of that, it’s okay for a client who has money to cost you more.

Insight # 4: Instantly filter out clients who are not 1000% eligible or qualified, true your sales diary will be less complete – but it will challenge you overtime to fill it with those who are eligible and qualified – and with them will come to the money.

Insight # 5: The biggest parameter for filtering clients: “If it seems that you are fighting for the client’s dream more than him – give up on the client”

Insight # 6: Stop looking at what your competitors are doing, and instead, multiply 10 times what is already working for you.

Insight # 7: Build a structure with a good offer, sell it organically and use the money back to leverage to sell more.

Insight # 8: Actions that do not make you money directly – delegate to someone else.

Insight # 9: Less is More – Strive to download parts of your products but keep the results. Because unlike all those who sell hours for time (inefficient thinking) we advocate … faster solutions to the problem = higher price.

Insight # 10: In addition to the previous section, when you start working with people with money, you will understand that they may have money however, they don’t have time, they will want the best solution as short as possible, as fast as possible, and will pay accordingly.

Insight # 11: Marketing is important, Moreover, Sales are most important in business they are the oxygen.

Insight # 12: You are the PRIZE – the client is at unnecessary risk when he tries to do it without an expert professional that is you, the whole sales game is biased in your favor in the first place.

Insight # 13: People who have not been able to solve the problem and their challenges for years, in most cases will also not be able to solve it. In exceptional and rare cases with you after they are paid and of course, depends on your abilities to lead to a solution.

Insight # 14: Take mentors or experts with you along the way it is critical to your success.

Insight # 15: It is better to focus on one good product than on 5 medium ones.

Insight # 16: Selling a product that requires a one-on-one time of a person (one-on-one service/advice) will only serve you up to a certain limit, although this is the best place to start it is a very dangerous place to stay because burnout comes quickly.

Insight # 17: How will you know if it’s time to move on from one-on-one service? Once the delivery of the product takes you all the time and there is no time left to the market and sell to more clients.

Insight # 18: On the other hand, it is important at this critical stage to be careful not to bring in an employee or freelancer yet because it will only eat away at your profit margin and put you in a dangerous financial situation… So what to do instead?

Insight # 19: Make the transition from a service provider -> to a “Professional Experts” and build a specialist business that produces stable months regardless of the time = money equation.

Insight # 20: Always strive for Innovation and Excellence, new structures, upgrade products, be always the best of yourself.

24 months ago, I and my (new) team stand at 8 digits and growing with a “Strategic Financial Expertise Solutions Business” that is fun to get up to in the morning.

So if you’re interested in knowing more about how we did it follow us. however, if you want to feel then join to R.M.G’s Club.