World of Issuances Surging Around the World and Everyone wants a piece of it.

The Issuances are divided into Initial Public Offerings(IPO) and Institutional Continuum. 

We will focus on Bond issues on the institutional continuum, recently we receive many inquiries from underwriters and finance offices in Europe and the US, after the feasibilities of prospectuses, the Institutions are willing to invest in those Bonds (by Market Makers) subject to provide a Guaranteed Coupon.

For those who know one of our classic products is Corporate Promissory Notes (CPN) endorsed by the Client’s Bank, the challenge when the Bank receives the Funding to the Client’s Account, it undertakes to refund at maturity, the challenges and obstacle are that a situation has arisen that the funds must refund on one hand and on the second hand to Guarantee to pay the Coupon to the institutions, although the Client’s goal when he receives the investment funds from the Bond Issues will give his Bank an irrevocable order to block the funds in favor of the Coupon, and thus meet the double obligation. However, the reality is different banks regulation doesn’t allow dual commitment, what comes first the chicken or the egg, the client needs facilities and for that, we advise to issue Surety Bond or Captive Cover to Guarantee the Coupon payments. This method creates the Warp Insurance to support the transaction, once the funds from the CPN funding will be deposited in the Client’s Account,  the Surety Bond will enter the Prospectus of the Bond – 144A rules. In this method, the Bank released from a double obligation.

CPN funding program from  $10M, for a period of a minimum of 180 days.

Another method is to Leverage Debt from an Equity Deposit of $1M.

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