The financial world is getting smaller, however, the demands for transparency and regulatory compliance growing, the Underwriting, and Analysis for Due diligence under the Compliance department rule. Accordingly, the investment agreement between the General Partners (GP) and Limited Partners (LP) has an increasing need to generate quality data that feeds the risk management and the investment policy.

Therefore, the GP is then tasked to utilize that data to benchmark investments, identify the early-warning signs that may take unnecessary risk, and on the other hand, find opportunities with a strong potential for growth and profits.

Our solutions are suitable to fund and project managers across many strategies and financial structures, ranging from Middle Market companies (from business turnover 10 million to 500 million) to huge companies with a good portfolio,  Mergers and Acquisitions, trade companies, Import and Export, Manufacture and Industry, projects In Energy, Infrastructure, Real Estate, and more. 

Leverage funds, Senior debt, Mezzanine debt, Hybrid Financing, working capital, credit funds.

Business/Project structured Funding: 

Utilizing a wide range of tools and financial instruments to earn credit at our disposal, both modern and traditional, it becomes possible to develop sophisticated financial structures as well as to fund large and complex projects on a worldwide basis. We equally can accommodate large and small projects.

As projects and transactions become more diverse and complex, the greater the need to learn and understand the financing needs and the range of solutions available in the international market.

Business structured Funding:

The most common funding applications for businesses, working capital, cash flow, utilization of financial assets/securities, expand the business, bridging loans.

For most of the above transactions, we recommend on CPN structures funding programs, the instrument is very flexible. ==> More Details

Project structured Funding:

Programs are designed for investors, entrepreneurs/developers, Project/Business owners who are interested to enter to secure leverage funds for project funding and/or business activity, which we are engineering the transition structure of the financial needs in accordance of clients needs, with financial instruments available for utilization in order to reach and maximize the desired result.

Senior debt is leveraged clients funds that borrowed to business/projects, the company (the borrower) must repay first. the collateral – assets lien as the first charge, If a company goes bankrupt or default, the issuers of senior debt, which are often bondholders or assets, are most likely to be repaid, possibly by selling collateral held for debt repayment.

Mezzanine debt is the middle layer of capital that falls between secured senior debt and equity. This type of capital is usually not secured by assets and is lent strictly based on a company’s ability to repay the debt from free cash flow. It is usually a great way for growing businesses to bridge the gap between what conventional banks will lend against assets and the total value of a new project or acquisition. 

The hybrid financing includes characteristics of both Mezzanine Debt and equity investment, two ends within the financial spectrum, in order to provide financial security. Hybrid financing is where debt and equity meet in the middle, offering investors the potential benefits of both.

R.M.G Capital Underwriting and Analysis has extensive experience in Funding and supports global projects in a variety of areas. These projects are reflected in the integration benefits in connection with global markets.

Source of Funds: Nostro, Accredited investor, HNWI, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Family Offices, Financial institutions around the world.

As a result of this activity, and particularly knowledge and relationships built up, R.M.G Capital has a large number of options to provide a financial solution in the private sector, business, and developing international markets and actually serve as a one-stop-shop when it comes to the subject of complex international finance.

Eventually, each and every project is estimated individually customized Funding structure, designed to meet the various unique criteria to match each project. Working with our funds and private equity partners, we can offer our clients a complete project financing package, customized by the needs and requirements of the project itself and the goals of the board.

 The following types of projects:


Environmental, Green energy, Hydropower Plants, Plasma plant waste to energy, Turbine farms, Biogas, Water, and Air desalination.


Real Estate, Hotels – and Resort village, Urban Construction, Commercial Centers, Shopping Centers / Malls, Purchase of Rental Property.

v  Factories, Manufacturers, Industrial, Refineries, Minerals.
v  Mergers and Acquisitions, Expanding business activity.

Submission and approval process at the request of funding project:

2  Letter of Intent/Request.
0  CIS / KYC on Clients and Corporation.
4  Corporate Board Resolution.
1  An Executive summary of the project/Business.
3  Inform us of the total amount of funding needed.
6  All documents required Due Diligence.

FYI, a typical Business Plan of quality will include:
• Executive Summary
• Company History
• Business Objective
• Industry Survey
• Detailed Business Description
• Opportunity & Challenges
• Sustainable Competitive Advantage Presentation
• Business Plan Timetable
• Management Team Detail
• Market Differentiation Data
• Professional Advisors (Solicitor, CPA, etc.)
• Marketing Plan
• Financial Plan (P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement Indicating Current Cash Position)
• Supporting Documentation (Copies of Patents, Contracts, etc.)
• All Marketing Collateral

Upon completion of the data processing stage and we agreed to take on the project, the funding proposal will be sent to the customer in accordance with project and risk management, as soon as the customer agrees to the terms and conditions accompanying the project, we will begin the process and act in accordance with the agreements.