The purpose of Collateralized Funding is to assist Clients with active Credit/Loan facilities and/or Monetization and/or Discounting and/or Bridge buy/sell utilize their Assets: Debentures, Securities, Bonds, Banking Instruments, Medium Terms Notes (MTNs), Promissory Notes, Sovereign Guarantee, Debit and Credit derivatives.

Stocks Funding Program: This service is proved Liquidity Solutions for executives and the ultra-high net worth to a wide range of clientele, Executives, Affiliates, Real Estate Investors, Stocks owners, Public Companies, Bonds owners. ==> More Details

Corporate Promissory Notes (CPN) Funding Program: Corporate Promissory Notes (CPN) Funding Program: The Corporate Promissory Note is designed to help clients with Cash Funding, the CPN is deposited with the client’s bank for the benefit of the Funder, and the bank shall endorse the CPN subject to receiving the funds. ==> More Details

The Discounting/Monetization Bank Instruments program is complex and requires a great deal of experience and skill. In general, between banking regulatory processes, compliance with stringent conditions: anti-money laundering (AML), compliance, Basel 3 requirements, and more. ==> More Details

Bridge buy/sell Instruments funding program:  this service is provided for Clients who don’t have enough funds to purchase Fresh Cut/Seasoned/Discounted Bank Papers, However, the Client has an EXIT Buyer/Monetizer/Discounter. ==> More Details

Blocked Fund Funding Program, is designed for clients who prefer to keep their money deposits in their bank account and block or admin hold of the funds in favor of the Funder, upon the blocked funds the Funder will obtain a credit/loan facility. ==> More Details

Blocked Bullion Gold Funding Program, this service is designed for clients who have invested over the years and purchased bullion hallmark gold, which lies in their bank vaults, they are inherited and/or financial security against global financial crises, and on the other hand, no yield whatsoever. ==> More Details