Specials International Financial Insurance are a necessity for any entrepreneur, business owner, project manager, investment companies, Private Equity companies exposed to credit risks, financial risks, Investment contracts, funding contract, political etc. financial insurance different particularly in those countries which risk investment can go down the drain because of the coup regime, war, force majeure.

The international Company – R.M.G Capital Investments operates in the insurance sector through its subsidiary R.M.G Insurance agency, and the products are complementary both private equity and financial institutions, exporters and entrepreneurs, who want to secure their financial situation.

Types of financial policies which we are engaged:

v Political risk insurance.
v Government guarantees insurance.
v Insurance of bank guarantees, commerce guarantees.
v Investments Insurance.
v Funding and lines of credit contracts Insurance.
v Bonds Insurance.
v Insurance against financial fraud.
v International projects Insurance.

Why it pays to buy financial insurance from us?

Financial insurance products complementary solutions that enable extended both investors and complex funding solutions through R.M.G Insurance agency and enjoy maximum protection, our professional experts will accompany the important moments you need, the moment of truth while providing the best service and strive for professionalism and excellence. 

The insurance is through insurance companies and re-insurers from Lloyd’s, Swiss Re and local partners in the country where insurance is required, or by a syndicate co-responsible for the area or country where insurance is required.