First of all, who we are:

RMG Capital Group Stat. Trust, is part of the Global Financial Consortium, based in New York, USA, and in Tel Aviv, Israel. A Statutory Trust (Fiduciary) and Investment Company act of 1940, Private Alternative Fund, Structure combine Wealth & Assets Management, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, providing services to both local and international companies and investors as one, the company specialized in design and underwriting structured solutions that combine a financial strategy utilizes global products and instruments, especially accumulated knowledge And relationship, actually to be a one-stop-shop when it comes to obtaining complex financing.

International Offices:
New York, NY – United States
Tel Aviv, Israel
London, United Kingdom
Glarus, Switzerland
E. Europe, Rumania
Pune, India

Legal Family Office:
New York, NY
Madrid, Spain
Tel-Aviv, Israel


Spirit of Innovation and Excellence

RMG Capital Group continues to grow and begins innovative trade and complex financing, leverage debt, and syndicates as well.


Brand Strategy

RMG Capital Group generates, organizing and establishes structured strategy Private Placements Programs to the capital markets and to our sophisticated high net worth Investors and Clients.

Direction​ to the Global

RMG Capital Group offers a wide range of Structured Placements based on Bonds (public and private) of investment products and services with guaranteed coupons, create a double-digit yield, Asset’s funding, Projects funding, Mergers, and Acquisitions, Mutual Funds, Expanding Activity, Debt Restructuring, and Capital Leverage.

Global Financial Strategic

RMG Capital Group enables clients to increase their funding options and equity leverage through understanding client’s needs, building the right structure for raising credit facilities for a complex mix project until reaching the desired goal.

RMG Capital Group manages all types of Funds and Assets, both for Investments and Business/Project funding.