Is the emotional aspect activated in Alternative Investments?

Is the emotional aspect activated in investments and with an emphasis on Alternative Investments? Last week in a meeting with

What is a better way to leverage funds? SBLC vs Debt

Let’s start with Financial Leverage Definition: Financial Leverage is the use of debt (borrowed capital) results from using as a

Are Protected Alternative Investments allowed and approved in India?

Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital) are using pooled funds that employ different strategies to earn active returns,

Certificate of Deposit vs Bond Certificate, what is better?

What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)? A certificate of deposit (CD) is a type of savings product offered by

Private Equity vs Venture Capital. What’s the difference?

Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) funding are both considered Alternative Investments, but there are significant differences between the

What is a Private Placement Program?

Let’s start with Private Placement Definition: A private placement is a sale or funding of securities, stock shares, bonds, Guarantees, 

What is the better Non-Recourse vs Non-Refundable Debt

First, we need to know the Difference between Recourse Debt (Loan) to Non-Recourse Debt: In general, Recourse debt (loans) are

Investment planning, financial collapse, and bankruptcy to multi-millionaire.

Real case, about a friend who was living in Arizona, USA. A story about a successful businessman who collapsed financially,

Why raising equity for projects fails?

Establishing a new project => learn more If you are an Entrepreneur or Developer, one of the required skills is

Guarantees and Surety Bonds

Every Guarantee/Surety Bond must be carefully examined to determine its legal significance and viability. Guarantees and Surety Bonds By issuing