The hybrid financing is a Complex financing is designed as a financial structured instrument for clients who have low equity for leverage funds for their project by utilizing Mezzanine debt and equity investment in addition to the client’s equity.

The hybrid financing structure is leveraged clients equity funds includes characteristics of both Mezzanine Debt and Equity Investment, two ends within the financial spectrum, in order to provide financial security. Hybrid financing is where debt and equity meet in the middle, offering investors the potential benefits of both.

Max LTV is 50% of the riming balance to Mezzanine debt, as Equity Partner, and the shares on the project 25% – 75%.

The following documents need to be submitted for review and due diligence.

    • Application, Letter of intent/request (need to include, type of equity, Collateral, etc.).
    • KYC/CIS includes a signatory copy of the passport. Corporate Board Resolution + Registration.
    • Company profile.
    • POF/Bank statement, liquid, 15% up to 35%.
    • An Executive summary of the project includes appraisal and feasibilities.
    • Drawdown schedule / Milestones required.