This service is proved Liquidity Solutions for executives and the ultra-high net worth to wide range of clientele, based on Recourse or Non-Recourse debt.

Executives, Affiliates, Real Estate Investors, Stocks owners, Public Companies, Bonds owners. 

Utilization of stocks for Cash flow, working capital, equity for projects, mergers & acquisitions, business activity expansion, and more.

With an ever-changing financial climate, R.M.G Capital supplies a Professional service on your side who knows how to utilize your stocks and structure the funding in order to get your funds in a timely manner.

* These funding programs are recognized as Repo (Repurchase Agreement), all are on the Primary Market.

* All Major World-Wide Stock exchange is accepted.

** The Loan Can be a Non-Recourse Loan or Recourse Loan.

** The Loan can be from 1 year up to 5 years.

** The amount for funding from 1M up to 500M USD.

Eligible securities we can utilize for the funding programs are:

The settlement Based on Delivery Versus Payment (DVP)/Over The Counter (OTC).


Penny stocks

Corporate Bonds.

Medium Terms Notes (MTN).

Government Bonds.

In order to get a funding offer, the following documents need to be submitted for review and due diligence:

Application/Letter of Request. 

KYC/CIS on Corporations letterhead.

ISIN No. or Stock listing name

Once the full package submitted, the R.M.G Capital Compliance to review, within about five business days, on green lite and decided to continue the process, the client accepts the offer of funding, the procedure, and schedules for performance.

Procedures Outline:

    1. The funder responds with a delivery of a non-binding Term Sheet.
    2. After the client reviewed the Term Sheet and signed it, the funder issue  Repo Agreement.
    3. After the client signed the Repo Agreement, the funder will prepper the custody, The process basis (DVP/OTC settlement).

*** In heaven forbid which were allegedly forging documents or attempt of fraud, the company is obligated under law to notify the authorities, which could result in a criminal investigation as well as entry to the blacklist.