Rami Y. Michaeli is one of Israel’s premier insurance and financial figures and is currently President, Founder and CEO of R.M.G Capital Consortium Group. Prior to founding R.M.G Capital at 2014, he served as CEO of RAM Insurance Agency, and held executive roles such as Chief of Risk Management and Underwriter of Avital Insurance Agency Ltd, Director and main Underwriter of Dido Insurance Agency Ltd, Head Manager of Business Division of Yield Company Economics and Finance Ltd. In addition to several other positions in a variety of Israel listed companies he has over 27 years of experience in business marketing, including 24 years in insurance & finance.

Rami leads R.M.G Capital is an innovation pioneer in the global finance industry. R.M.G. incorporates securities funding, debt instruments, various alternative investment structures and utilizes global financial strategies by building exclusive financial models and methodologies to create high-performance and operational excellence. R.M.G Capital has been established as an alternative fund functioning as a hybrid Hedge Fund, Family Office, Debt/Private Equity firm, Securities Funding and represents a global funding platform.

Rami has an Automation Engineering and Robotics Machinery degree from ORT Braude Carmiel, and Business Administration and Bachelor’s degree in economics from The Hebrew University of Haifa, and an Elementary Risk Insurance & Life and pension insurance degree from Insurance College.

Business mentor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Leading to practice results.