R.M.G Capital Underwriting and Analysis team lets you access the worldwide capital and financial markets in an easy and efficient way. Our professional team of specialists, Bankers, Economists, Accountants, Attorneys, Analysts, Traders, Insurance, Financial Planner conduct professional, high quality, and independent financial based on its knowledge and accumulated experience in the field of Corporate finance, and Complex funding. Our team is an integral part of every transaction and will help you to create a financial structure and optimize the financial strategy to fund your project and get your goal.

As a result of knowledge and experience, R.M.G Capital established Global Consortium relationships with worldwide Institutions, Hedge Funds, Privet Equity, Family offices, Invest banks, Insurance Companies, HMW, and Accredited Investors. R.M.G Capital provides multiple options of financial strategy solutions for Businesses and Projects, actually to be a One-Stop-Shop when it comes to Alternative Portfolio Investments, Debt & Securities as complex financing.

Once the full package submitted, the R.M.G Capital Compliance (Underwriting and Analysis) to review, and after the feasibility study, given a green lite and decided to continue the process, the client accepts the Term Sheet with the offer of funding, the procedure, and schedules for performance.

We are proud of our clients who made the right choice and see it as proof of our success.

We wish you and our continuation of a prolific activity and yields. Always at your service!

The future will take care of you if you take care of the present!