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* Investments are not affected by Global Capital Markets Fluctuations.
* Supervised by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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A new idea, a new method, or a new device… Spirit of Innovation and Excellence is what propels us into the next era of opportunity.

RMG Capital Group Stat. Trust (“RMG”) generates, organizing and establishes structured strategy Privet Placements programs to the capital markets and to our sophisticated high net worth Investors and Clients.

RMG offers a wide range of Structured Placements based on Bonds (public and private) of investment products and services with coupons as fixed income, creating a double-digit yield, Asset funding, Projects funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mutual Funds, Expanding Activity, Debt Restructuring, and Capital Leverage.

RMG enables clients to increase their funding options and equity leverage through understanding client’s needs, building the right structure for raising credit facilities for a complex mix project until reaching the desired goal.



Risk is mitigated by:

  • Prepaid Coupon Reserve after Leveraging the funds.
  • AUM is A-rated managed in Fiduciary Securities mirror account.
  • The investment doesn’t affect by the Capital Markets.
  • Secured by the Fiduciary mirror account.
  • The Fund is ensured by a “Financial Institution Management Liability” issued by AA rated Insurance carriers.
  • Regulated by the SEC.
  • Three Due Diligence processes:
    • Bank to Bank basis.
    • Credit Facilities Underwriting.
    • Wrap Insurance Underwriting.
    • Assets Issuing Underwriting.


  • Principal – 5 Layers of Protection.
  • Assets Under Management (AUM) – in the Fiduciary Securities mirror account.
  • Structured Placement Program.
  • Participation in Leveraged Funds


  • One Year term with R&E.
  • Payments Quarterly.
  • Fixed Income and not affected by the Capital Markets.
  • Secured by the Fiduciary mirror account.

In light of the growth of private equity company’s and private alternative investment funds in Israel/USA in recent years, with an understanding of the challenges facing these entities and market needs, ISA/SEC acted to promote repairing of important and substantial correction, which aims to expand the number of offerees to offer and sell securities in private placements, without publishing prospectuses. Following this amendment, the Finance Committee approved a significant amendment to the definition of “Accredited/Sophisticated Investors”. The amendment stipulates easier and non-accumulative quantitative funds for the definition of an “Accredited/Sophisticated Investors”, thus expanding the offerings that securities can be offered or sold to the public without a prospectus being published


*** The Fund and/or the Investment Manager and/or the Privet Equity Company do not sell any participating units and, as stated above, do not constitute an offer or invitation for any investment, but a general presentation of the option to join the Company’s investor base, which is transmitted by the Company to specific investments that they may offer to join. subject to the general rules of the company, as set forth on the Company’s website. It is emphasized that the foregoing is due to the assurance of some profit and/or return, and the presented earnings and/or return data is an example of the return that resulted from certain investors in a particular investment in which they participated.

In this structured deposit, the company is engaged in marketing alternative investments. The company has an affinity for this structured deposit and has an economic interest in marketing it. Therefore, the aforementioned structured deposit may be given preference over other similar products in terms of their suitability to the customer.

This document is for informational purposes only. The exact and binding conditions of the aforementioned structured deposit are as set out in the management terms of the structured deposit.

* The Company may, at its discretion, not open the structured deposit and may at any time, at its discretion, stop receiving deposits and/or new customers.

The information in this document does not constitute a recommendation and/or offer for investment in the structured deposit. The content above substitutes for personal advice. Customer investment decisions will be determined by the nature, assets, and risk level of each client and client. It should be noted that there may be significant deviations between the estimates presented here and the actual results. Earnings achieved in the past do not indicate any future earnings.

**** Investment in accordance with Israeli and European regulations for private equity and alternative investments. The contract will be made in accordance with the transaction documents and the terms set therein. The choice of investors to participate is subject to the decision of the operator and the company only. All the agreements, reports, will be in English.