What is the better Non-Recourse vs Non-Refundable Debt

First, we need to know the Difference between Recourse Debt (Loan) to Non-Recourse Debt: In general, Recourse debt (loans) are

Investment planning, financial collapse, and bankruptcy to multi-millionaire.

Real case, about a friend who was living in Arizona, USA. A story about a successful businessman who collapsed financially,

Why raising equity for projects fails?

Establishing a new project => learn more If you are an Entrepreneur or Developer, one of the required skills is

Guarantees and Surety Bonds

Every Guarantee/Surety Bond must be carefully examined to determine its legal significance and viability. Guarantees and Surety Bonds By issuing

Private Debt Funds, Even wealthy employees can be Investors

American, European, and Israeli investors are voting on Alternative Private Funds Investments like Hedge Funds, Private Equity (PE) Firms, Venture

New Project – funding and raising funds

Establishing a new project requires substantial financial expenditure especially large-size projects. Given today's reality without an entrepreneur's liquid capital for

What is better? SBLC vs CPN

To obtain Deferred Purchase/Acquisitions SBLC the price is 115%, the client pays only 15% within 5 days and the balance 15 days

The modern financial world you do not know

The financial world is constantly changing and recently undergoes a complete and true transformation. From time to time a new

What is Equity Investments? Private Equity

Equity Investments actually helps the project entrepreneur to raise funds to obtain leverage senior debt funding, the professional language it